Why Ukulele?

“So – why the ukulele?” is a question that enthusiastic uke players often get asked. Ukulele players have a justified reputation for being excessively enthusiastic about their instrument, and for good reason.

Ukuleles are four stringed instruments, which makes many chord shapes very easy to learn. There are quite a few chords that can be played with just one finger! This means that ukuleles make playing music really accessible to both kids and adults who have never played instruments before.

We think that playing music (and singing together) is one of the best ways to connect with other people. Everyone can sing, and everyone can play a ukulele. Certainly everyone can play a C chord on a ukulele. Yes, really. Even you. (Unless you don’t have any fingers, in which case we might need to think creatively).

While ukuleles are very easy to begin to play, you can also make incredible and complex music with them – check out James Hill and Jake Shimabukuro for some inspiration, or some of the many ukulele players around the world who upload videos to YouTube.

Ukuleles are small and portable. You can travel with them easily, take them camping, take them on picnics, take them to the beach – you can make music wherever you go. Ukuleles make people smile.


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