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Vital Stats

Ukulele: Tenor Kala (mahogany)
Current fave uke song: Rain – The Beatles
Current challenges: Chucking strum
I saw someone playing a ukulele and thought it looked fantastic – a whole lot easier than guitar, which I’d could never be bothered to persevere with. I grew up playing piano, flute and violin, but I wanted to play an instrument that I could accompany myself singing with. I’ve been playing for about a year and a half.
I loved how easily I could learn three or four chords, and the number of songs I could play with those chords. I did a lot of transposing! I have now learnt to love chords like B minor, and am rather attached to playing songs in their original keys. My current focus – improving my strumming. I have found strumming quite difficult to get the hang of, and I want to progress from the one pattern/rhythm that I seem capable of doing. I’m also working very very slowly on picking and playing melodies – one day I’ll be able to play a blues solo. One day.

Vital Stats

Ukulele:  Tenor Kala (Koa back & sides, spruce top), with built in pick-up, EQ & tuner
Current fave uke song: Something – George Harrison
Current challenges: Strumming in the trad style; finish writing an original song on the uke
Mission: to transpose every song I like into C (jokin’)
Playing ukulele has become my newest passionate hobby (as much as someone mothering a young child can indulge in a passionate hobby) AND also part of my work as a muso/choir director/performer.   I am loving beginner status at an instrument. Being a long-time player of violin & piano (who never really ‘got on’ with the guitar) the uke is teaching me to enjoy frets and strumming.
Although we’ve had ‘toy’ Mahalos for 5 years (bought for our son when he was in utero), I started playing in earnest this year.  Why?  Well, I wanted my choir Freedom Train to accompany itself on a particular song with ukuleles and I therefore had to learn to play the song myself.  Around the same time, choir member Celia started the Logan Ukulele Club (LUC) and invited any choir-folk who were ukefully inclined to come along.   How could I resist?  I started looking forward to uke club as a highlight of my month!
Then my hubby got me a gorgeous Tenor Kala from Hawaii (pictured).  I’m totally hooked now and take it nearly everywhere with me.
 I have found that I learn pretty rapidly at the LUC sessions and have so much fun jamming.   I can’t wait to be performing on stage with it in my duo mundyturner.
One of the coolest things about ukulele is that I can practise in the car (if my hubby is driving).  Can’t really do that with my fiddle or piano!!

My first ukulele arrived in 1970, when I was 11 years old. That was supposed to help me eventually learn to play the guitar.

I did eventually play folk guitar, steel acoustic – 6 and 12 string varieties, the 4 string banjo, all very poorly. I even had proper classical guitar lessons for a year. That was 30 years ago.

I think playing the guitar is a great introduction to playing the uke.

When my children were young, I used to play my banjo-uke occasionally to the sound of which they would happily dance.

About five years ago I discovered that it was possible to play melodies on the ukulele – so I’ve been trying to do that ever since. It enables me to avoid singing.

I almost have a sufficient supply of ukuleles to be content: 2 sopranos, 5 concerts, and a tenor. The photo to the left is my prettiest ukulele.

I have two YouTube channels – lstrachey and reyalpeleluku, and a blog of sorts at www.reyalpeleluku.wordpress.com.

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