The Logan Ukulele Club first met on 5 March 2011 in Logan Village, and have been meeting once a month ever since.

We’re a diverse group of ukulele players who are enthusiastic about playing ukulele, singing, and generally having a great time jamming together. Check out some of our member’s bios over here.

We range from absolute beginners to experienced players, players with $30 pink ukuleles and players with 6-string Lanakai ukuleles – all are welcome. We believe that the ukulele makes the experience of creating music together accessible to everyone.

5 Responses to About

  1. Nice to have a website now. Good on you Celia! This is a great group who supports and encourages with ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGEMENT! That’s what sharing music is all about!

  2. Cath says:

    I love LUC!! Thanks for a great website Celia and for starting the club. It rocks.

  3. Marg Oliver says:

    OMG! I’m very impressed with the new website! Awesome job! I happen to be practicing a song or two for our September meeting.
    I can’t seem to put my new ukulele down…I’m practicing @ all hours:)
    For those reading the blog….I played for many months on my pink Sanchez! Nothing wrong with that one..my 80 year old Ma will be playing it at our next meeting!
    A bigger venue WILL b needed soon me thinks!
    Luv Marg

  4. Great to hear you’ve caught the addiction Marg – and fantastic news about your mum, can’t wait to welcome Mary along to the club!

  5. I love logan uke group one of my favourite uke clubs in and around brisbane. Its just a pity I have to work most sat otherwise I would be there every meeting. I hope to re-organise my work soon so I can get there more often

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