Logan Ukulele Club needs a new host! NO June Meeting :(

Hi Everyone,

The Logan Ukulele Club need a Uke-mad new host for it’s monthly meetings in Logan Village!

I can no longer commit to our 1st Saturday of the month, 2pm meets and need someone to ‘step up to the plate’ and keep this awesome little club going.

Who can do this? Any of our members who are crazy/mad for Ukulele can do it! If you sit around at home playing with your ukulele, singing songs (well or poorly – doesn’t matter) instead of doing your house/yard chores, you can do it! All it takes is a love of the Ukulele and 3 hours happily jamming along with like-minded people. Our members come from all walks of life and all different skill levels. Our club is ‘all-inclusive’ from absolute beginners to those who like to pick and strum like the ‘pros’.

What is in place? The Logan Ukulele Club currently hire the ‘Old Schoolhouse’ building in Wharf St, Logan Village for a bargain community group price. It has its own website and gmail account.

I can – help anyone who is interested with the take-over. This is a purely social club for ukulele players of all levels to come along and play tunes from any genre and any era.

If you would like more information – please email Marg: loganukulele@gmail.com

Regards to all, Marg


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