February Meeting

    Marg’s Newsletter


Hi Ukulelists!

We had a great turn-out at this months’ meeting with 15 happy Uker’s braving the washed-out roads after Mother Nature’s flooding rains. It was a relief to jam away for a few hours instead of being home and cleaning up the mess left behind from the storms.

We welcomed two new Uker’s to our club and thank Carmel for introducing Lou and Gary to the joys of playing our beloved ukulele’s and singing our little hearts out. Both Lou & Gary enjoyed singing along too which is a bonus! It was great to see our numbers up on January, ‘the more the merrier’ I say and it definitely helps with the awesome harmonies we were able to create with our songs this month.

We warmed up our session with a few oldies, Doo Wah Diddy by Manfred Mann; Sloop John B by the Beach Boys and You Are My Sunshine. I loved Captain Celia’s new song choices for this month! The melancholy Dire Straits song Why Worry Now (watch the Emmylou Harris/Mark Knopfler duet here); If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot; Happy Together by The Turtles and Annie’s Song by John Denver (a personal favourite!). We wound down with our favourite Beatles tunes; No Reply; I Wanna Hold Your Hand and of course, what would have been our signature tune (IF you all could have sung it MY WAY) Fly Me To The Moon, which everyone thought sounded better and more together when I didn’t sing……This song is now retired until I get my way 🙂

HOMEWORK this month is on Annie’s Song…..we are trying for a 6 string plucking pattern from the instrumental to the end. Whaaaaat? OK…hold your Dsus4 chord and work your way down the strings from G to A (thumb plays G down ↓, index finger C string, middle finger E string & third finger A string all pluck up ↑) that’s 4 strings of the 6 right? To complete the 6 string pattern pluck up↑ middle finger on E string, index finger on C. Please note that the 6 string pattern is played on each chord before moving on to the next (in this case G chord) Got It? Easy As – we should all be accompanying Rachel by next month 🙂

If you are a beginner, please disregard the previous paragraph and focus on the often used chords of loads of songs; C…F…G7….Am and D. We will start next session with our easiest songs, especially for you! I would be happy to meet at 1.30pm on the verandah @ our Saturday Jam and go through the chords/easy songs before our meeting if you like, just let me know. I’m no Pro, but happy to share what I can with you.

With these 5 chords you will be able to play: Doo Wah Diddy; Stand By Me by Ben E King; Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash; Jamaica Farewell and Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles. All of these and more at our website: https://loganukulele.wordpress.com

Many thanks to Michael (our resident antique music maestro!) who always gives us a lesson on how the Uke can-be-played at Show and Share time. Also to Trevor who is sharing his Blues techniques with us. Trevor runs his own Uke group, check out Sunnybank Ukulele Players for more information [ed: also see below for links to Trevor’s YouTube channel]. Michael is busy making an e-book of pre-war songs (I jest here…..he will have to update me!) together with ukulele facts & trivia.

Enough for now my Ukulelist friends (hah! It is a real word…I checked! So is Ukulelian!)

See you next month, 2nd March 2013


    Trevor’s Videos

Trevor has a great YouTube channel with videos of songs and techniques, and plans for many more! Check out his how-to for the two finger triplet stroke.

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