April Meeting

We were without a bass player at our meeting on Saturday, which gave me a sense of how much having that rhythm assists us with playing together, and assists me if I’m trying to keep a beat. I tried to lead everyone in I Shot the Sheriff, rather unsuccessfully – I’m not very good with a reggae beat, and without some sort of rhythm section driving me through the song, I lose focus with it dismally. It’s definitely a song to put away and try again next month!

We had some more success with Ring of Fire, with nice easy chords, and a little riff for us to practice. We also played Pokare Kare Ana and Handle Me With Care – I remember we tried Handle Me With Care at one of our first meetings before realising it was a bit challenging. Everyone managed the fairly quick chord changes very smoothly on this attempt and it sounded great. We also played through Hallelulah and I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which we did for the first time last month.

Michael took us through an easy tune with Skip to My Lou – here’s a YouTube video of him playing it. It would be great to get Michael taking us through a fairly easy or accessible plucked tune each month, as it’s good to become familiar with other styles of playing rather than just strumming chords.

I was given a few song suggestions by people, and intend to do a few Johnny Cash songs next month, including Folsom Prison Blues and 16 Tons, and am going to look into a couple of other suggestions as I’m unfamiliar with the songs.

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