February Meeting

We welcomed a few new members in February, which was great fun, and tried some new songs with them.

We warmed up with Jamaica Farewell and End of the Line – our two “performance” pieces – and then moved on to Fly Me to the Moon (links to a PDF from Richard G’s Uke Songs). Fly Me to the Moon uses a lot of unfamiliar chords (Gm7, Bbmaj7, C9), but they’re not overly complex chords and they have a wonderful jazzy sound. The ukulele is really suited to jazz chords and I’d like to dig out some more jazz standards for us to learn over the coming months.

We played a couple of songs from the most recent BUMS meeting – Scarborough Fair (links to a PDF from BUMS) and Whiskey in the Jar (links to a PDF from BUMS), and then took a look at Pretty Woman (links to a PDF from Richard G’s Uke Songs). My personal challenge for the next month is learning to play the riff from Pretty Woman at a reasonable sort of speed.

One Response to February Meeting

  1. Cath says:

    Twas a fun time indeed – I find myself not wishing to stop playing every time I come to LUC! I also enjoyed helping everyone to try a different right hand technique in Love Me Tender – the claw-hammer/finger pick style is a good challenge and nice to learn something other than strumming.

    Yes I enjoyed the jazz too – jazz without bar chords everywhere – what a boon. I took Fly Me To The Moon straight to Jay at our friend’s place, and we performed it for our friend’s camera straight away. A winner that one!

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