March Meeting

Our first ukulele club meeting was a great success, and for a group of beginners we made a great deal of progress.

We began practicing the change between G and G7 and a basic strumming pattern. At the end of a couple of hours, we had worked up to playing Hotel California together (albeit in a ukulele friendly key).

Here’s a list of the songs we did, and the chords we used:

Morningtown Ride (G, G7, D, Em, C, Am)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (C, G, G7, D)
Amazing Grace (in the key of G – G, C, D or D7, Em, and then in the key of C – C, F, G7, Am)
Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Dm, F, C)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World (C, F, G, Am, E7)
Take Me Home, Country Roads (C, Am, G, F, G7)
Hotel California (Am, Dm, G, F, E7, C, D)


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